In the name of Allah, Most Merciful and Compassionate.

In the name of Allah, Most Merciful and Compassionate.

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2020-21 Registration for Sacred Link-Hifdh Program


Please make sure the following items are readily available before you begin the Online Application or the Online Enrollment packet

Required for the Online Application

  • Copy of the student’s birth certificate
  • Copy of the transcripts (for grades 10th – 12th)
  • Copy of report cards (for grades KG-9th)
  • Copy of standardized test scores
  • State or Federal Government Issued Picture ID
  • Billing Statement (Address must match picture ID)

Required for the Online Enrollment Packet

  • All Immunization Records (Immunizations are grade specific, please click on the link available in the Online Enrollment Packet)
    • 1st dose of Meningitis Vaccine (for 6th Grade)
    • Tdap Vaccine Shot (for 6th Grade)
    • 2nd dose of Meningitis Vaccine (for 12th Grade)

The following exams must be administered within 10 months prior to Aug 13, 2018

  • Physical Records (required for all grade levels)
  • Dental Records (for grades KG-12th)
  • Vision Records (for grades KG-12th)
  • Hearing Records (Audiometric Testing) (for grades KG-12th)
  • Asthma Action Plan if applicable
  • Food Allergy Action Plan if applicable


Your child’s information is already on-file. You will be required to submit an Online Application for the Sacred Link Hifdh Program. Please indicate which program you are seeking to enroll your child in.

If you are re-applying for the Dual-Hifdh program, you must submit the Online Application.

You will  be required to submit an Online Enrollment packet if you are transitioning from the Dual-Hifdh program to Full-time Hifdh.

If you are applying to the Part-time Hifdh program, and re-enrolling into the IFS full-time academic program, you are not required to submit an Online Enrollment packet, but are required to complete an Online Application.

If your child will be attending another school and you are looking to enroll into the Part-time program, you will be required to submit an Online Enrollment packet.

Please do not proceed to the Online Enrollment Packet until IFS Admissions approves for this step. You will be emailed when you are ready to begin this step in the registration process