In the name of Allah, Most Merciful and Compassionate

Elementary Assistant Principal – Saadia Shariff

Saadia Shariff is the Assistant Principal of Elementary at IFS. After obtaining her Bachelor’s Degree from University of Chicago, she went on to pursue a Masters in Education from Stanford University.  She began her career teaching Middle School Mathematics in California and quickly moved on to becoming an Administrator at College Prep School of America. While there, she was promoted to Assistant Principal leading the school through a difficult and lengthy accreditation process. Ms. Shariff came to IFS four years ago to serve as Elementary Principal where she has focused her attention on curriculum design and development.

Saadia is the proud parent of two children who attend Elementary school at IFS. She enjoys reading, travelling, and collaborating on innovative and new projects in Education. In addition to being an accomplished educator, she has authored a book titled, “The Islamic School Resource Guide: Developing Schools and Educational Excellence” in which she has documented best practices of numerous Islamic Schools across the United States.

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