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Islamic Foundation School (IFS) has hired a new full- time school counselor this year, Stephany O’Donnell. Ms. O’Donnell provides academic as well as college/career guidance to students and parents. She has earned a Masters in Counseling and has her Professional Educator License. She focuses on and provides services regarding academic counseling and college/career planning for all students but mainly high school students.

College and career planning is a major focus for IFS. After conducting a needs assessment survey a few years ago, a major concern for students was a lack of post-secondary guidance. Since, IFS has taken steps to provide students with more resources and knowledge on options after graduation. This year, IFS has conducted student workshops, have provided career guidance, and hosted several different colleges that have presented to students about their respective universities and the programs they offer.

This year, Ms. O’Donnell has started to provide the Juniors and Seniors with in-depth instruction on the college application process, career planning, financial aid, applying for scholarships and much more. Thus far eleven universities representatives have visited IFS and spoke to the seniors about what their institution offers, these include universities include, the Illinois Institute of Technology, University of Illinois at Chicago, DePaul University, Loyola University, Northwestern University, University of Chicago, as well as several others.

A series of procedures are in place to help students obtain services from Student Support Staff. Ms. O’Donnell meets with students regularly to discuss their academics, grades, as well as their study habits and skills. Ms. O’Donnell holds an open-door policy for students, parents, and staff to express their concerns thus many sessions are considered “walk-in” sessions. However, students interested in counseling may request services by completing a form and turning it into the main office, putting it in a counselor’s mailbox, or sliding it under the door of the counselor’s office.

If you would like to contact our Academic Couselor, you may reach her at 630-941-8800 ext 2074 or by email at

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